Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Post Storm/Pre-Spring -- an early invitation

What a difference a storm makes!  Ten inches of rain and days of unrelenting wind have finally retreated to reveal a greening world and swelling buds.  Everything pops so quickly now, first the bulbs, then the woodland wild flowers, and then, the last week in April, come the magnolias.
I forget, from one year to the next, how marvelous each March feels.  How seeing metal maple syrup buckets hanging from the sugar maples renews the faith in the great swinging arc of the seasons, and how the first crocus brings a smile.  Anticipation of each day's new growth is ample reward for a winter of grey and dreary dark.
At our house, the big reward and payday comes the last week in April when the huge tree magnolias in our backyard are covered with creamy white blooms.  Since the exact dates for peak blooms varies year to year, I'll write you again when they're blooming and hope you can join me for a woodland tour.  With waterfalls and vernal pools, tiny wildflowers and awakening wildlife, our yard is one I love to share with everyone who shares our appreciation for the surprises and delights of early spring.  Stay tuned........................

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